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Reproductive Alternatives and Contraception

Contraception means a deliberate prevention of pregnancy that may work if used correctly.

Some types of contraception are:
Tubal Ligation- path of sperm blocked to egg
Vasectomy- vas deferens is cut
Rhythm Method- temporary abstinance
Withdrawal- removal of penis before ejaculation from vagina
Barrier Methods- physically preventing sperm from reaching the egg
Spermicides- sperm killing chemicals
Birth Control Pills- prevent ovulation
Morning After Pills- just like abortion
Abstinence- no sex at all

Most of the pills are just messing with the hormones in a female's body.

The difference between STD's and STI's:
STD's=sexually transmitted Diseases
STI's=sexually transmitted Infections

Viral STI's are not curable, but bacterial STI's are curable with drugs.

Reproductive Alternatives

When a couple has been having unprotected sex for over a year and are unable to conceive a child, it is official that one of them or both are infertile.

Male problems:
-low sperm count
-erectile dysfunction (impotence)

Female problems:
-lack of eggs
-failure to ovulate
-cannot support a growing embryo

Treatments for male problems:
-briefs to boxers-->to regulate the body temperature down there
-drug therapy
-sperm injection/bank

Treatments for female problems:
-hormone injections
-donor egg
-surrogate mother
-In Vitro fertilization*

*In Vitro fertilization

When a couple cannot concieve a child, they give their sperm and eggs to a laboratory and they sperm and eggs are combined outside of the female's body. After they eggs have been fertilized, multiple are inserted into the female's body, at about the eight cell stage, so that at least one survives. This can result in more than one baby.

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