Monday, January 24, 2011


  • Everything has evolved or is evolving(this has been shown in all previous chapters)
  • Usually takes millions of years, this is why fossils are best evidence that evolution took place.
  • Evolution is often politicized, for example our food pyramid in schools say we should eat a lot of red meat but when a dieticist was asked, red meat was placed in the same section of chocolate, to not be eaten often.
  • Some people believe that evolution is make believe or doesn't exist. This is obviously untrue because if there was no evolution, species would not be able to adapt to their habitats conditions and could become extinct.
Charles Darwin:
  • was an English naturalist with a fascination of nature that came from a well known family.
  • He came up with the theory of evolution and natural selection; The change of a species where it is "survival of the fittest". He also believed that all living things traced back to one common ancestor.
  • He was a revolutionary because he went against the science, politics, and the church by creating new ideas that especially went against the church's opinion that God set up all species on earth.
Process of natural selection:
  1. Genetic variation
  2. Overproduction of offspring
  3. Struggle for existence
  4. Differential survival and reproduction
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