Friday, January 7, 2011

1/6/11-Yunsu Y.

Today in class we went over our labs that we did for homework yesterday and they were collected. Then we continued our notes on hormones.

Hormone Notes Continued...

-Negative Feedback Mechanism (Estrogen):

  • this happens when levels of estrogen are low causing menstruation to occur. (FSH/LH released)
  • also, when levels of estrogen are too high, pituitary stops release of FSH/LH.

---when the egg is not fertilized the levels of these hormones fall.

BUT, when the egg is fertilized/pregnant: the levels of these hormones will stay consistent.

-IF the women is pregnant, the baby makes its own hormones, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

  • if this hormone is present, a urine test will usually tell you that you are pregnant.
  • the baby's hormone will get mixed into the mother's kidneys and will have HCG present in her urine.

-Results From Hormones:

  • Males: deeper voice. more facial hair and on body, chest broadens, larger muscles, and longer growth stage.
  • Females: Enlargement of breasts and reproductive organs, wider hips (for the baby), hair in armpits and pubic area, menstruation, and fat deposits under skin.

-----Then after notes we went over UP 15-18

-----then worked on Lab 9-14

HW: Finish Lab UP9-14, Stem Cell Reading and The Last Word worksheet, and STUDY for FINALS and also Unite TEST on THURSDAY 1/13/11!!

Next Scribe: Nick S.

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