Friday, January 7, 2011

Differences in male and female gametogenesis:

Females: Males:
ovaries testes
1 gamete parent cell 4 gamete parent cells
large,nonmotile, full of nutrients Small, motile few nutrients
oogenesis completed with sperm oogenesis completed before sperm is out of testes

Hormones & the Menstrual System:

4 hormones control menstrual system
  • Menstruation happens when Estrogen and progesterone are low
  • Progesterone causes lining of the uterus to thicken
  • When LH peaks it causes ovulation
  • Hypathalamus tells Auterior Pituitar to release LH
  • If 1 hormone does not work the system will not work
  • synchronize ovarian and menstrual cycles

Goal of female cycle: to get ready for fertilization(just in case)

4 Phases of Menstrual Cycle:

  1. Menstruation-about day 1-5, lining leaves the body
  2. Follicle-follicle matures
  3. Ovulation-day 14, mature egg released from ovary
  4. Luteal-development of the corpus luteum

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