Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Justin A.

We started off the day by turning UP pg 11 and 12. Next we filled out a sheet about the science class we are going to take next year. Then we began notes.

  • All life is connected
  • Evolution is cause of today's diversity.
  • Charles Darwin came up with the idea. He wrote "The origins of Species" in 1859.
  • 2 main points in book:1. "decent with modification"(this means every descendent is a little different. 2. the mechanism for evolution is "natural selection"
  • Darwin loved nature and traveled world in HMS Beagle." He observed species on different islands
  • saw variety of finches in the Galapagos Islands.
  • After many generations, 2 populations could become dissimilar enough to be separate. (called divergent evolution)
  • Darwin observed the finches' beaks and color.
  • Natural selection- 3 main points:
  1. Overproduction- leads to struggle for existence among individuals of a population.
  2. Individuals in a population vary in traits, no 2 are alike.
  3. Individuals with best traits to survive leave greatest number of surviving offsprings.
  • Nature decides what traits are most fit.
  • Adaption is accumulation of favorable variation in a population over time.
  • Darwin looked at Artificial Selection- Humans modify species to get best traits.
  • In Artificial selection. humans change trait, not nature.
  • natural selection today, i.e.= Pesticide- now some insects are immune to pesticide.
  • Camouflage is an example of evolutionary adaption. (mantids)

  • Evolution- 2 modern definitions:
  1. genetic composition changes over time
  2. all life descended from common ancestor
  • Scientist during Darwin's time thought earth was young, and that Darwin's idea was radical
  • Anizimander- Greek philosopher who though simpler forms of life preceded more complex life.
  • Aristotle- Greek philosopher thought species were fixed and didnt evolve.
  • Buffon- studied fossils. Said Earth is mush older. Said species in fossils were ancient versions of modern species.
  • Lamarck- said the life evolves through adaptation.
  • He said "Inheritance of Aquired Characteristics" (not using a body part would cause offspring to be born without that body part.
  • Lyell-said ancient earth was sculpted by geologic process. (earthquake and mountains)
  • Graualism principle.
  • Wallace-developed concept of natural selection. Had same idea as Darwin but Darwin published his ideas before Wallace did.
  • fossils- preserved remnants of impressions left by organisms that lived in the past.
  • Younger strata are on top of the older ones. Level reveals "relative age"
  • Fish like vertebrats are oldest, then amphibians, then reptiles, then mammals and birds.
  • Paleontologist- scientise who studies fossils.

Homework: UP pg 5, E.C. pg 6 and/or M&M.

Next scribe: Katie

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