Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scribe Post: 10/26/10

Today was a big day in Biology!

We started to plan out our independant spice labs. Accompanied with that was the assignment to get your experiment approved by Mrs. Andrews. When approved, we were to turn in a lab report up until the procedure part.

Spice Lab:
An independant lab that we invent and carry out by oursleves. We are to measure the zone of inhibition in the bacteria, Bacilis subtilis. We are to perform the lab and to write a lab report.
The finished lab report is due on 11/8/10. Guidelines are:
-Materials have to be LIQUID
-Must have TESTABLE AND MEASURABLE hypothesis
-Have multiple trials
-Can only use 4-5 Petri dishes
-Can vary in concentration, product brand..ect
-Compare and contrast products.

In your lab report, remember to:
- Include background on ALL of your materials (should vary with group members)
- Match your procedure with your group's
- Use roman numerals, letters, and numbers for every section of your report
- Have an ORIGINAL title
- Must incude how/when to gather data (give times; 24 hours, 2 days..ect.)
- Include charts and graphs
- Lab report guidlines on UP pg. 43 and in Survival pk. pg. 13

- Read UP pgs 37-38
- Re-read chp 24
- Review notes

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