Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, Immune System

Using cell signaling, a healthy cell makes proteins which inhibit viral replication, meaning it kills off the exported viruses that the bad cell releases.

2. Prostaglandins. Inscreases blood flow to the wound area = RED and WARM.
i. Also sends pain signals to brain. AH! Brain, help me!3. Pyrons. travel to the hypothalamus (it's in the brain and it analyzes your blood.) They cause a low fever which is GOOD because the heat makes the enzymes work faster.

III. Lymphatic System
A. Two main functions
1. To return tissue fluid to circulatory syste
2. To fight infection.
It's a highway of vessels that touches upon every part of your body so they can react fast when tissue is damaged.

Scribe: Aliza R.

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