Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 20th

o Set up Bacteria lab (UP pg. 19-25)
o Chapter notes- (pg. 10-top 13)

We looked at some important notes
Bacteria Cell:o They have no nucleus
o Most have cell wall exterior to plasma membraneo 50% are Motile (can move)
o Sessile- stationary

3 types of bacteria:o Cocci: spheres
o Bacilli: rod-shaped
o Spirochete: spiral-shaped

Bacteria Reproduction:o Can reproduce if conditions are favorable
o Their cells divide through binary fission
conjugation - sexual reproduction with 2 different bacteria cells

Endospore:o Can survive extended periods in harsh conditions
o Lack of water/ nutrients
o Extreme temperatures
o Most are poisons
o Found in some prokaryotes
o Outer cell produces the Endospore
o Outer cell may disappear, but Endospore survives
o Some can remain like this for centuries

Impact of Prokaryotes on Humans:o Disease- causing Bacteria
o Exotoxins: poisonous proteins secreted by the bacteria cells
o Often causes vomiting and diarrhea
o Endotoxins: chemical components of the cell wall on the cell
o Often causes fever, aches, drop in BP

Power of Antibiotics:o Zone of Inhibition: the areas where the growth of bacteria is prevented (inhibited) by an antibiotic or other substance

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