Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010, B-Cells and T-Cells

Today, we watched two short movie clips.

One was about the role of an antibody.

  • neutralization
  • aggulination
  • precipitation
  • complement proteins
The other was about:
  • humoral immunity- provided by B-cells, defends primarily vs. bacteria and viruses present in body fluids
  • clonal selection
Notes: Page 21, 23, 24
Clonal Selection
  • When an antigen enters the body fluids, it binds with B-Cells that have complementary receptors
  • The B-cells are then activated; they grow and divide, creating effector cells
  • These cells then secrete antibodies specific to that antigen
  • plasma cells- make the antibodies
  • memory cells- "remember," this is why you don't get the same exact infection again because your body produced the antibodies needed to fight that infection
  • Cell-mediated immunity
  • Respond to antigens that have already entered the body
  • More "hands on" than B-Cells
  • 3 kinds- Helper T-Cells, Cytotoxic T-Cells, and Supressor T-Cells
Helper T-Cells
  • Macrophages engulf a microbe, produce antigens, and displays the foreign antigens on the cell membrane
  • it is essentially saying "I found something and I don't think it's good!"
  • The Helper T-Cell binds to the macrophage at the site and determines if it is good or bad
  • If bad, the Helper T-Cell divides, produces memory cells, and stimulates activity of cytotoxic T-Cells
Cytotoxic T-Cells (Killer T-Cells)
  • Identifies infected body cells and binds to them
  • Discharges perforin which is a protein that creates a hole in the infected cell's membrane, causing it to die.
  • This needs to happen because the infected cell has become a factory of pathogens and the body needs to have it shut down.
  • UP pgs. 47 and 57
  • UP pg. 5 What is Ecology Good For (E.C.)
  • Work on Lab Report, Due: 11/8
  • The Test may be on Tuesday, but please still plan on Friday!!!
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