Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7, 2010

Justin Abraham

First Mrs. Andrews collected the UP pages 41 and 42.

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE- Unit 2 test will be Thursday Oct.
Naked Egg Demo #3:
We looked at the egg. This time it was in corn syrup. Here is how it looked like...
• There was almost no shell left.
• The top was caved in a little.
• The inside of the egg was hypotonic and the corn syrup outside was hypertonic because the syrup has a much higher concentration of solute.
• The color of the egg was not pure white anymore, it had a little yellow color.
Went to the Computer Room
• Started UP pages 49-51.
• The websites were about Mitosis.

  • Finish UP pages 49-51
  • Read lab on UP pages 53-60
  • Study for Unit 2 Test on Thursday
Next Scribe - James C

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