Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cell Lab

Some Parts of a Cell:

Mitochondrion: provide the energy a cell needs to move divide, etc.
Gogli Apparatus: important in packaging and transporting macromolecules.
Nucleolus: produces ribosomes.
Cytoskeleton: helps maintain cell shape.
Cytosol: where all the cell organelles reside.
Lysosome: help in intracellular digestion.
Chloroplast: give the green color and take part in photosynthesis.
Vacuole: storage of water.

Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus.
Prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus.

Only bacterial cells and plant cells have cell walls.
Only plant cells have central vacuoles and chloroplasts.
Only animal cells have centrioles, lysosomes, and flagellum.
Flagellum help the cell move around its environment.
Cilia also help the cell navigate around its environment.
Plant cells are rectangular.
Animal cells are circular.
All specimens in the lab contain RNA, DNA, cell membranes, and ribosomes.

Cell Lab done in class on 9/29-30/10.

Specimen viewed under microscope:

Onion cells
Streptococcus cells
Elodea leaf cells
Human cheek cell
Frog blood cells
Tomato skin cells
Potato cells
Spirogyra cells (Algae)

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