Sunday, September 26, 2010


Carey E.
Today we did notes from the organics packet(green packet) pages 5-8.

I. Acids

  • When ions dissociate, the positives and negatives must equal zero. ex: 2+'s + 2-'s=0
  • Most acids start with hydrogen.
II. Neutral
  • Solution where concentration of H+ and OH ions are equal
III. Substrate and Active Site
  • Substrate is putting together or breaking apart binds to an enzyme that fits. Called an induced fit. This is an action that takes place on site.
  • Enzymes are recycled and do not change shape.
  • When the substrate is in the enzyme, water is added to break the bond of the substrate.
  • Most enzymes' suffix is ase. ex: glucose and fructose.
  • Enzymes keep working until there are no more substrates.
  • Every enzyme has a different tolerance of Ph.
IV. Enzyme Inhibition
  • Drugs and bacteria can inhibit-slow down-enzymes.
  • An inhibitor blocks the substrate from reacting with the enzyme.
  • Inhibitors can bind to another part of the enzyme and change the shape of the active site. ex: A water balloon changes its shape when something touches it.
  • Good and Bad
  • Good: it stores some food for reserve
  • Bad: you aren't getting the products you need
  • This reaction speeds up or slows down based on you're activity level. Helps control metabolism.
E + S----->ES-------->E+P
V. Vocabulary
  • degradation: substrate is broken down
  • synthesis: substrates join to form product
next scribe: Yunsu Y.

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