Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christine K

Chapter 18 notes cont...
  • Population Ecology- factors that influence a population's size, growth rate, density & structure
  • Population- group of individuals of the same species in a given area
  • Population Density- # of individuals of a species per unit area/volume
  • Sampling techniques- impossible to count ALL individuals; estimate
  • Patterns of dispersion: Clumped, Uniform, Random
  • Population Growth Models: Exponential Growth (J-curve), Logistic Growth (S-curve)
  • 2 limiting factors of population growth: density-dependent, desity-independent
  • Survirorship curve- plots # of organisms still alive at each age (3 types)
  • Life History: Opportunistic, equilibrial, big bang


  • Minamata disease- 1) mercury poisoning pollutes water 2)contaminates fish 3) consumed by animals 4) effects of food poisoning first shown through cats (paralysis, death) 5) people become paralyzed, some children born with paralysis
  • DDT used to get rid of insects (esp. farmers)- Rachel Carson's Silent Spring publicizes negative effects, traced in pelican eggs causing them to break when incubating mother sits on them because the shells become thin
  • Environmental problems


  • UP 37-41 for Tues.
  • Termite Lab due Fri 9/10
  • Read lab 58
  • Oil Spill Paper 9/22

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