Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aliza R.
Examining an Ecosystem

(Pg. 35of UP)

  • Purpose: To see and personally experience how man has impacted the environment
  • Walk around your neighborhood (or in our case, outside the school) and observe the things that mankind has implemented that are harmful and, or beneficial to the environment
  • Use the table on UP pg. 35 to write down some things outside and write one positive and negative thing that relates to the ecosystem about it. (eg: Car; good for humans because of transportation purposes; bad for the environment because of harmful emmisions)
The Study of a Pond Water Ecosystem:
  • Purpose: Since it is not within reach to build/create an ecosystem in the science room, we studied pond water to get a feel for what an ecosystem may look like
  • Find the Biotic and Abiotic factors in the pond water. (eg: Planerium- flatworm-is a biotic factor while water is an Abiotic factor)
  • In the water was:
  • Algae: The producer
  • Bacteria/ micro-organisms: The secondary consumers
  • Planeruim: The tertiary consumers
Important Vocabulary:
  • Ecosystem: The system formed between organisms and their environment
  • Abiotic Factor: The non-living aspect of an ecosystem.( sun, soil, water..ect.)
  • Biotic Factor: The living aspect of an ecosystem.(plants, animals, bacteria...ect.)
  • Producer: The bottom of the food chain; Makes its on food using te sun's energy. (plants)
  • Consumer: One level higher than producers; Gain energy by feeding off of producers.( animals, insects...ect.)
Homework Assigned
  1. Termite Lab Report DUE 9/10/10
  • Use template on UP pg. 27
  • Must have cover page, visuals, and a bibliography
  • Termite Lab rough drafts DUE 9/7/10
2. Oil Spill Research Project DUE 9/22/10
  • Description on UP pg.5
  • Must have intext citations, bibliography must be in MLA format
  • Grading rubric on UP pg. 7
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