Friday, September 17, 2010


Nick S.

Ch. 20 – Human Impact on the Environment

1. We took ch. 18-19 quiz
2. We went over the notes

Important Vocab
In this unit we will look at several environmental problems:

Introduced Species: humans move a species from its original habitat and move it to a new geographic region, and then the species outcompete native species.



Toxic chemical: Examples are mercury, DDT and PCBs. They are stored in the fats and biological magnification occurs,

Global Warming

Ozone Layer Depletion

Biodiversity crisis: a decline in Earth`s great variety of life in ecosystems, of species, and of genetic variation within each species.

3 main causes:
1. Habitat Destruction
2. Introduced species
3. Overexploitation

Environmental Action Simulation pg. 73-75

The main purpose was to see what programs that your group would pick if you had $20,000 to spend as part of the GCEAO (Granite City Environmental Action Organization).The roles were; Secretary, Reader/Leader, Community Members and Activists. Once your group spent all of your $20,000, then your group must write a paper explaining which organization got your money and why.

1. Read ch. 20
2. Oil spill paper- due 9/22

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