Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today, we started out with working on unit packet pages 35-36, in which we looked at specimens of various invertabrates, and used a key and a chart to identify specifically which phylum the animals belonged to.
We also did an earthworm lab, where we performed various experiments to further examine how an earthworm lives their everyday lives. We examined many concepts such as how it reacts to touch, moisture, light, and others. We also observed it, and we found out how it moved and the parts of the worm that were visible.
Be prepared to gather certain supplies for an isopod lab for tomorrow, in which groups will pick a certain topic for experimentation of a rolly-polly. Here, the groups are creating their own experiments, so a procedure of a possible experiment would be helpful, and you can revise it when you meet with a possible group.
Also, remember to study the differences between all of the phylum of invertabrates, and any other notes that we have covered.
The homework for tonight is: complete Unit Packet pgs. 45-50, prepare for the isopod lab, and the nature magazine is due on March 4th.

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