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For the graph, you will draw 4 lines per line graph.
1. Your water rosette
2. Your GA rosette
3. Class Avg. water rosette
4. Class Avg. GA rosette

New terms:
gibberellin ~ substance that make stems longer
hormone ~ substance that messes with women during pregnancy (transports around organism with specific effect)
node ~ points where leaves are connected
internode ~ part of stem in between 2 nodes

Why study plants?
-B.E.A. uuuutiful. -Jim Carrey, Bruce Almighty -Foodclothesenergylumberpaperoxygenwaterrecreationart ETC.
-Forests are being destroyed... we are gon' learn how we can help!

-Multicellular Eukaryotic Autotroph

Adapted to Land:
1. Mycorrhizae ~ plant root/fungi alliance
Fungi absorb the soil's minerals for plant, plant's sugar nourishes fungi in return.
2. Stomata ~ pores in a leaf exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen.
3. Cuticle (Cutin) ~ leaf wax, holds water
4. Lignin ~ hardens cell walls
5. Roots and shoots ~ stem plant growth
6. Xylem tissue moves water up^
Phloem tissue moves food around <>
7. Gametangia ~ cell shield that guards female gamete chamber
8. Seed dispersal ~ relies on wind/animals... =plant reproduction

Origin of Plants from Green Algae
Charophycean ~ multicell green algae-Mother of Plants
Plant Evolution: 1. bryophytes (moss)
2. ferns (reproduce via spore)
3. gymnosperms (Christmas trees)
4. angiosperms (flowers)

1. bryophytes
-MOSS, many plants packed together
-NO CUTICLE WAX, no true roots
-reproduce needs water, flagellated sperm swim to egg
-No vascular tissue(no water transport), no lignin(cell wall)
-Damp Dark places
-Green sponge plant ~ gametophyte
-Grows from gametophyte, tall brown shoot with capsule ~ sporophyte

Generations Take Turns
-Generations take turns making each other
Gametophytes' egg and sperm make zygote, makes new sporophytes
Sporophytes' spores make strong organisms, makes new gametophytes

[Note to next scribe: Start off notes with II.Ferns on page 7 of note packet.]

Extra Credit: Find moss with both Gametophyte and Sporophyte generations and bring em'!

-In groups of 4, an American wildland was chosen and we are to research them.
-Using GoogleDocs, we are to create an 8 minute presentation that we will present when we return from SPRING BREAK! ... (to get to GoogleDocs, sign in with your Glenbrook225 email on and on the top left of Google, there should be a 'More' and select "Documents"
-Requirements for project are on page 3 of UP, Rubric on page 4 of UP
-Next Friday, 3/18, will be the 2nd and last IMC work day. Be solid by then.


scribe: Justin Timberlake

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