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Chapter 29: The Working Plant

Sap- a watery solution that moves through the vascular system.
-In the xylem, it carries nutrients from root to leaves.
-In phloem, it transports pre made sugar to the leaves and other parts of the plant.
-Made in Spring using starch from the previous summer into sugar

-Plants need CO2 from air (through stomata)
-They need H2O from soil (root hairs)
-and O2 from soil (through stomata)

-A plant releases more O2 by photosynthesis than by
-All nutrition that enters the plant must be dissolved in water.
-Go through the epidermis -> cortex ->plasma membrane of root cells
-Plants need Macronutrients in large amounts. (carbon, hydrogen, oxtygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.)
-They need Micronutrients in small amounts (zinc, molybdenum, boron, nickel, mainly enzymes.)

Bacteria help with nutrition; three types:
1.) NITROGEN FIXING BACTERIA- converts N2 in the air to ammonium
2.) AMMONIFYING BACTERIA- adds ammonium to decomposing plant matter
3.) NITRIFYING BACTERIA- converts soil to nitrate.

-Legumes have root nodules that contain nirtogen fixing bacteria.
-Symbiotic relationship, bacteria get home, plants get ions in soil.

The transportation of water:
-Pulled up through transpiration
-cohesion water molecules stick together
-adhesion-water molecules stick to each other

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