Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scribe Post 11/16/10

Nov. 16, 2010.

Class contained:
Sex linked crosses
Blood type crosses
Incomplete dominance (blending phenotype ONLY)
Co-dominant (both traits show up)
Notes pages 8-9, and 12
Homework: Pages 63-72 and the extra credit and Lab 34

I. Sex linked Crosses
A. Genes are located only on sex chromosomes for sex-linked crosses
1. Mostly on the X chromosomes

This is how a sex-linked cross punnet square would look like:

There is no trait on the Y chromosome.

II. ABO Blood Groups

A. Types of blood
1. A= IAIA or IAi (DOMINANT)2. B=IBIB or IBi

Story time.

As Ms. Dillion says, If Sally had a baby, and she forgot who the father was, they could find the blood type of the baby, of Sally, and find the blood type of Sam, Joe, and Kevin.

Let's say Sally had 2 babies. One with blood type AB and one with O.
Sally's blood type is IBi
The father's blood type must be IAi. Congrats Kevin.

III. Incomplete Dominance
A. "Blends" together.
1. There is no dominant trait.
i. The "middle trait"

EX. If a red flower and a white flower cross, there will be pink flowers because there is no dominant color, they BLEND

IV. Co-Dominant
A. Both traits show up
1. They do not blend.
i. The traits are both dominant

If a black feathered chicken crosses with a white feathered chicken and both white and black are co-dominant, then their chickies will have black and white feathers, not gray because THEY DO NOT BLEND. THEY ARE BOTH DOMINANT COLORS.

SCRIBE: Sally.


  1. Nicely done, with all of the diagrams and the excellent interpretation, and summarizing, and such. Good examples as well, and excellent reference to the main concepts with the examples. It also was good, because of the fact that a substitute was in.

  2. I really liked the way you summarized everything. Your diagrams and explanations were very clear and easy to understand. I loved your story! It was entertaining and informative. (:

  3. I loved it! I really liked the examples of the crosses and everything was really well organized. I will definately come back to this to help me study on the test..Thanks!!