Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov. 9

Today we finished the notes packet of Meiosis, did a demo of meiosis using
beads and magnets, and started the lab on UP 19-37.


Nondisjunction: The chromosomes fail

to separate at Anaphase I or II. Occurs

with autosomes or sex chromosomes.

Nondisfunction causes some syndromes like
Klinefelter syndrome for males and Turner
syndrome for females.

Those syndromes cause almost like a steroid effect. For the people effected by these syndromes, they may become sterile.
Klinefelter syndrome: males, XXY: have 47 chromosomes instead of 46
Turner syndrome: females, XO: have 45 chromosomes and only one X chromosome.
Breakage of a Chromosome:
Deletion: part of chromosome is lost or removed
Duplication: a region of the chromosome is repeated
Inversion: a segment of the chromosome repositions and reverses the order of the genes

Translocation: one part of a chromosome goes on another chromosome and that piece cannot be found

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