Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday August 30, 2010
Chapter 1
microscopes, lab write-up, variables

Variables (UP pages 19-20)
independent variable- what you change
dependent variable-what you measure
control group-stays the same so other variables can be
compared to it

In Surface Tension Lab:
independent variable- soapy water
dependent variable-number of drops that fit on penny
control group-penny with tap water

Termite lab write-up (UP pages 25-29) due 9/10
Rough draft due 9/7 (optional)

-Follow template in UP page 27-29
-include cover page, no header on other pages
-Label paragraphs with roman numerals
-each "*" should be its own paragraph labeled with a capital latter under the roman numeral catergory
-include a graph or diagram
-no contractions!
-bibliography must be alphabetised

Microscopes (UP pages 31-34)
-eyepiece is 10x
-objective lenses range from 4x to 100x
-multiply 10x by magnification or objective lens to get total magnification

coarse adjustment knob-brinsg specimen into view
fine adjustment knob-sharpens image
diaphragm-controls amount of light passing through hole in the stage
stage-holds slide in place
stage clips- prevent slide from moving

-work on microscope lab p. 31-34
-termite lab report

Next scribe-Bridget

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