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Aug 26,2010 - Scientific Method

James C
CH 1
Intro to Biology / Scientific Method
biology – the scientific study of life

ecology – the study of relationships between organisms and their environment

scientific method - 6 steps used to solve a problem using deductive reasoning (general to specific)
The 6 Steps of the Scientific Method

[Observations] – using sight, touch, smell, and hearing, take note of the things you’re experimenting with; get to know what you’re working with

[Question] – come up with a question about something regarding the experiment that you’d like to know more about

[Hypothesis] – create an educated guess used to predict the outcome of the experiment (“if…then…” logic)

[Prediction] – predict the results of the experiment you are about to do

[Test] – start the experiment and check if your hypothesis was correct! If your hypothesis was correct, keep making predictions and keep testing them. If your hypothesis was incorrect, fix it or create a new one.

[Result/Theory] – analyze the results of your experiment or even come up with a theory based on what you learned from the experiment
The 2 Types of Scientific Study

1. Hypothesis-Driven Science -Uses scientific method
2. Discovery-Driven Science Observations, measurements, research, findings
Pyramid of Life

Atoms -> DNA -> Genes -> Cells -> Tissue -> Organs -> Organ Systems -> Organisms ->
Populations -> Communities -> Ecosystems -> Biomes -> Biosphere -> Planet Earth
**Good experiments have 1 variable, a control group, an experimental group, several trials, and more than 1 subject.

**Hypothesis vs Theory - Theories are broader and supported with solid evidence.

** 3 Domains of Life -
1. Bacteria (prokaryotic cells)
2. Archea (prokaryotic cells)
3. Eukarya (eukaryotic cells)

- all life is connected
- we have common ancestors

**Species on Earth
~280,000 plant species
~50,000 vertebrate species
~750,000 insect species

1.  Finish surface tension lab
2. UP p. 11-18
3. Read / annotate UP p. 25-26

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