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May 20th 2011


White blood cells v. Platelets

aka: leukocytes
WBCs fight infection
Lack hemoglobin (which is found in RBCs)
Have nucleus (not found in RBCs)
Found OUTSIDE of circulatory system

aka: thrombocytes (bits of cytoplasm broken off from bone marrow)
Fibrinogen: protein found in plasma
Fibrin: Fibrinogen converted by clotting
HEMOPHILIA: excessive, fatal, bleeding occurs from minor cuts
THROMBUS: blood clot that forms in absence of injury
EMBOLUS: thrombus that dislodges and travels

Cardiovascular disease: set of diseases that affect the heart.

The heart requires oxygen rich blood to survive because it's made of TISSUE.

CORONARY ARTERIES: supply heart muscle with oxygen
HEART ATTACK: failure of heart to function properly

ATHEROSCLEROSIS: chronic cardiovascular disease
Cholesterol build up in arteries causing narrow passages--->decreased blood flow----> increased blood pressure= BAD.

ANGIOPLASTY: baloon catheter to compress plaque=opens clogged arteries
STENT: wire mesh tubes prop open arteries
BYPASS SURGERY: vessel sewn onto heart shunt blood around a blocked artery
ARTIFICIAL HEART: an artificial heart.

lots of homework:
Pgs 7-18
Lab 15
Read pig lab -closed toed shoes and hair ties required in case fetal pigs turn into zombies, you will be prepared to run.

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